Abstract Sensuality #4

Abstract Sensuality #4 594×841mm Printed on Awagami handmaded washi paper.
This is For 120th Salon d’Automne (17-21/01/2024 in Paris FRANCE)
One Edition Only / Private collection

Shot at Aizome Kasuri Kobo ( Fukuoka ) 22/11/2022

Aizome Kasuri Kobo
Founded in 1891, Aizome Kasuri Kobo is a Kurume Kasuri workshop located in Hirokawa, Fukuoka Prefecture. There are two main types of Kurume Kasuri: the indigo dyed, hand woven type, and the chemical dyed, machine woven type. Even amongst weavers that use indigo dye and hand weaving methods, Aizome Kasuri Kobo places particular emphasis on valuing traditional methods. The workshop creates beautiful gradations in the indigo’s color by dyeing pieces over and over, sometimes more than 50 times. They also design geometric patterns through interpretations of traditional motifs, creating pieces with a charm unique to Aizome Kasuri Kobo.