Singularis #1

Genbei Yamaguchi at Seikenji (Kyoto) 23/02/2021

Genbei Yamaguchi
Genbei Yamaguchi was born in Kyoto in 1948. He is the tenth-generation representative of the Kondaya Genbei. Inheriting the high techniques of weaving and dyeing textiles through generations, he also has been challenging innovatively to produce Obi with new sense of values. Active in collaboration across fields, such as with the architect Kengo Kuma, the designer Hiroko Koshino and the fashion brand United Arrows, he pushes the boundaries of traditional crafts. In 2003, Genbei received the Japan Culture Award. He also takes an active role in revitalizing the dyeing and weaving technologies through such measures as the revival of “Koishimaru” – a specific type of silk worm cocoon found in Japan and the preservation of a unique village in the Philippines called “Dreamweaver”.

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